We were delighted to move into our beautiful, custom home in 2016. From the moments in the pre-sale stage to the present, the team at Cumberland Luxury Homes has shown integrity, commitment, and professionalism. Our encounters with Cumberland have been gracious, service-driven, and exemplify the best standards in the industry. Over the past two years, when guests from Canada and abroad visit us, we hear similar positive comments about the impeccable standards set by our builder. One friend, who is a luxury custom builder in South Africa, was amazed at the “solid woodwork, quality materials, seamless moulding, clever design, and the thoughtful finishing touches throughout the home.” Another home inspector who was a “perfectionist,” said that he rarely sees a builder complete a “solid” house with such a high degree of accuracy and care. Another project manager in construction was “wowed” when we showed him our home. Even the skilled trades that walk through the house praise George and Carlos’ attention to detail and pride in their work. We are grateful to the team at Cumberland Luxury Homes for their hard work and sincere efforts. We feel blessed to be living in such a house that we can call our home.

Rahila & Nayyar Razvi