Cumberland Luxury Homes Are Truly Different

We are always flattered whenever homeowners tell us that a Cumberland Luxury Homes looks and feels different than other places they’ve lived. We think our home designs have a lot to do with that. From the moment you enter a CLH home, you’ll come face to face with a different selection of architecture, finishes, and detail.

You’ll immediately notice inviting front porches and homes with large windows – lots and lots of windows, so the interior is bright and cheerful. Inside the home, we do everything we can to keep the space open and organic. We use kitchen islands and media centers in the Family Room to serve as natural gathering places. We keep everything in its place. For example, fireplaces are tucked away so they don’t intrude into a room. Attention to detail is what sets a Cumberland Luxury Home apart.

At Cumberland Luxury Homes, we value each and every customer relationship whether you are purchasing your first or your fifth home from us. We continuously refine what we do to ensure that every home we deliver is the best it can be. We are fully committed to each and every homeowner’s needs. Throughout the building process we stay in constant communication with our homeowners so that they are always aware of the progression of their homes. Further, we schedule a frame walk so you can see where plugs, light switches and other rough-ins are being installed.

We continue to follow up long after homeowners have moved in. There are many steps in the building of your new home and we will take each step with you. We want you to always be a CLH customer and we stand behind everything we do.

The Workmanship


Prestige, privacy, and perfection were top of mind when designing the home and Engineers love our homes because they’re so solid. Here’s why:

The Structure

  • The structure is poured concrete walls and steel beam construction.
  • The walls are straight (“in plumb” as they say).
  • The dry-walling is done to excruciatingly high standards.
  • The basement foundation walls are wrapped with an exterior drainage membrane.

The Exteriors

  • It is the details in the design that make a home interesting. Peaked roofs, dormer windows, corner detailing with coining and concrete blocks.

  • See the finishing touches we’ve added to all our homes.

The Interiors

  • The standard finishes include a wide array of flooring and tile designs. As an optional extra, we will even paint your home two colors to help reduce the decorating.
  • See the finishing touches we’ve added to all our homes.

The Kitchens

  • See our model homes for thoughtful lifestyle features.
  • Luxury appointments include upper corner cabinets, pull-out shelves, microwave cabinets, plant ledges, full-sized or walk-in pantry, breakfast bars, and center islands.

The Bathrooms

  • We custom build our shower stalls. They are roomier and the tile flooring is made to measure (no prefabricated fiberglass stalls).
  • Oval soaker tubs in the suite bathroom are designed to help you relax at the end of the day.

The Windows

  • In an 11-foot ceilings house – the entire home is built to take advantage of natural light.
  • Solid vinyl thermopane energy efficient – you’ll never have to paint them.
  • Windows with French window effect, bow windows enhance our rooms.



Our encounters with Cumberland have been gracious, service-driven, and exemplify the best standards in the industry.

Jorge and his crew have been incredible through the process of building a new home. As well as doing a great job on the project itself, Jorge and his entire team are wonderful people and made the journey so pleasant. Even after the completion of our home, if we have any questions or concerns he is there for us. We are so happy with the service and outcome, and grateful to have worked with such wonderful people.

Farooq Masud, Home Owner

We were delighted to move into our beautiful, custom home in 2016. From the moments in the pre-sale stage to the present, the team at Cumberland Luxury Homes has shown integrity, commitment, and professionalism. Over the past two years, when guests from Canada and abroad visit us, we hear similar positive comments about the impeccable standards set by our builder. One friend, who is a luxury custom builder in South Africa, was amazed at the “solid woodwork, quality materials, seamless molding, clever design.

Rahila & Nayyar Razvi, Home Owner